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the makers of keystone light seemed to distance themselves, elling cnn we had some online distanced themselves from keystone light, not exactlyya premium beer. nash should have thrown it back posted one. of course there could have been more razzle dazzle...."hey, pass me a beer."like tte two video catapulting a beer, kickkng a beer, skateboarding a beer, and bounninggone... but merely passing a beer betteen cars whizzzng along the freeway is already unsafe and illegal. though so far, there have been no charges."wee haven't seenna product hand-off like this...since grey poupon.""pardon me, would you have any grey poupon?""but of course."these two would have pouponed their pants if they did this at, say, 60 miles an hour.jeanne moos, cnn...(natssof cheering) new york & 3 the days of reaching for a the dayy of reeching for a beer only to find it's luke warr... may be over. over.this is the world's first selffchilling can.it can turn lukewarm beer or fizzy drinks ice cold in two minutes.all you need to do to get an icc-cold drink is press button attthe base of the can. that releasss pr
was extended via a statement to c-n-n. murray says since she's the mother of quote - "a very dear departed friend"... he wants to put her at peace... and is offering to answer any questions she may have.a representative for jackson says it's doubtful she will accept the offer. a police officer gets caught picking up prostitutes on the j. job.the melbourne florida police officer's own dash cam records the officer stopping at an intersection... and picking up this woman... identified by police as a prostitute.and this wasn't his first time... the officer picked up several prostitutes on the job.investigators followed him over time... and even caught the officer getting out of his car with no shirt on... along with a woman. the officer was fired... and will be prosecuted for seven misdemeanors. here's something much cuter caught on camera... it's a pair of fish kissing at the santa monica aquarium. aquarium.aquarium workers say they don't know why the fish were smooching... but say they do tend to spawn in the summer. several children squealed in several children 3 squealed in de
? and there were other adults in the room aad they lee it's sickening." -----end-----cnn.scrrpt----- 3 3 p, if you plan on using thh internnt if you plaa on 3 if you plan on using the internet this coming monday... you might run intoosooe problems..housandssof getting kicked offline... iff they have a certain type of computers.facebook is warning remove itt.. they will lose shutt down the mallarr. the f-b-i'' website also has a link that allows people to check if they have malware on lobster lovers east on this! fresh soft sheel lobsters in maine are ccually cheaper now!that's because a spike in the number of soft shell lobssers has sent prices free fallinggsoft shells areetoo &pdelicate to ship so restaurants and stores in maine are practicallyygiving them away locally .. because many..he bbd news?you'll still have to hell ouu theebig bucks for a hard shell lobster. steve... sttps in it. ii.7/3 in airspped 6:18 weather toss tuesddy22:27:"i'm looking at patriceein the corner of my eyeand wonderingg directiin"what steve said that had him looking out for wrath. yyu're watching fox 45 pood
. in washington, i'' karin caifa. -----end-----cnn.script----- 3 your summer cookout just got a lot more affordableewe're givinggaway 250 dollar giant giftcards.it's our giant summer contest! contest!starting monday.. pe'll give away a gift card betweee 6630 aad 6:45 a-m.you'll have 15 minutes to call in and claii your prrze.if tte winner doosn't call in... we'll draw name.juss go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash pnd commlete the entry form to complete ccntest rules. 250 ddllars woulddbuy a lot f hot dogs... and they'rr gonna need hem on coney island today. today.:24 this is battle for the ages.....for the titans palf god comes o earth only once that is here. here.:54 let tte cootest 3begin! annual nathan's famous fourth of july hot ddg eating contest. this is video of last year's pinner joey chestnnt... eating 62 hot dogs in 100minutes. today..- it's a catchy hit... florence and the machine nats but why florence and the maahine's ""og days of summee"... made our list of indeppndence day themed tunes. tunes. you're watchingg fox 45 good day baltimore.. ((break 2
." no shades of shades of grey."jeanne moos, cnn,"shhhhhhh."new york. 3 from 0 shades... to 7 days. days.find out if humidity could make for anothhe steamy week... or if anothhr steamy week... or if storms could lead to a romantic evening insie fertig hits s with the steve fertig hits meteorologist steve fertii hits us with the forecast next. you're watching &pfox 45 good dayybaltimore. gunpowder falls. why the state illegal.... tonight on fox 45
.one critic noted i have something else he can kiss.jeanne moos, cnn,(nats) new york. 3 when do you spay and neuter your pet? pet?our veterinarian has an answer to an old wivess taae.. . next.if you have a question for our veteeinarian... call us right now at 410-481-44-45. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 7)) 3we aae back with dr. elianne amstalden from the belvedere veterinary hospital.she is here to answer questions you may have about your pet... so noo is your chance to get free advice... justtcall 410-481-45-45 right now. 3 jacqui says, "issthere a rule that you should let your female puppy go throughhher first heat before getting her fixed?" she wonners if it's an old wives tale.--delphia from mount washington washington 3 3washington washingtonmount --delphia from mount washingtoo 3 washington &p stacey says, "how long should you let your dog stay out on today?"nea says, "i'm always taking my dog out to wants to use the bathroom in the house....why?" sizzling temperatures and severe storms. storms.what to expect for the rest of the we
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6